From the office of the Green MEPs

18 September, 2002


LONDON campaigners fighting construction of a 200m spy antenna by the British military in Cyprus have won the backing of the Green Party at its National Conference.

The party adopted an emergency motion proposed by former Birds of a Feather star Peter Polycarpou and London MEP Jean Lambert calling for an immediate halt to building work and destruction and removal of wildlife from the Akrotiri wetland, a protected wildlife habitat and proposed nature reserve.

The emergency motion agreed read:


The England & Wales Green Party supports the Green Party of Cyprus in its peaceful opposition to the building of a new 190-metre spy antenna on British sovereign territory near Akrotiri. The proposed site is protected especially as Waterfowl Habitat under the Convention on Wetlands of International importance, the Ramsar Convention. We demand:

- The immediate cessation of all building works.
- The halting of the removal of wildlife from the area.
- A stop to the destruction of the ecosystem of Cyprus."

"This is yet another example of the arrogance of the British authorities, who feel they can bypass good practice and totally ignore local communities. It is unacceptable to go ahead with a project like this without the consent of local people," said Mrs Lambert.

The Akrotiri wetland is of great ecological importance, especially for bird life since it is situated on the traditional migration route of several species. The government of Cyprus has been pressing for protection of the area - which falls under British jurisdiction - and for it to be declared a nature reserve.

George Perdikis, a Green MP in Cyprus, was arrested by heavily armed British Special Forces during a peaceful protest against the construction in July. Mrs Lambert is to meet Mr Perdikis on September 28 during a visit to the UK by a delegation from the Green Party of Cyprus.

The visiting delegation will join London Greens and the capital's Cypriot community in a demonstration at Parliament Square outside the House of Commons on Monday, September 30.

Mrs Lambert hopes to visit the Akrotiri site herself before attending the Green Party of Cyprus's annual conference in Nicosia on October 12.


For more information please contact Ben Duncan on (+44) 020 7407 6280 or (+44) 0776 997 0691

Notes to Editors

1. Journalists and photographers are welcome to cover the demonstration, which takes place on Monday, September 30. Call for details.
2. To arrange an interview with Jean Lambert, Peter Polycarpou or the visiting Cypriot delegation, please contact Ben Duncan.
3. Head and shoulders pix of Jean Lambert and Peter Polycarpou are available electronically on request