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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

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02 Mar 17

Jean speaking in the European Parliament and calling on the EU to protect migrant children.

Jean’s speech in the European Parliament to Commissioner Jourova, calling for the rights of EU nationals in the Uk and British nationals in EU countries to be guaranteed.

17 Jan 17

12 Jan 17

01 Dec 16

Jean speaking to the European Parliament about the need for greater funding to combat hate crime.

29 Nov 16

The freedom to travel, study, work and live in the EU benefits us all.
That’s why Greens support #freemovement and will be standing up for migrants’ rights in post-referendum UK.
Please share this new video with important facts about free movement.
With thanks to Brexpats – Hear our Voice New Europeans Young Greens London Green Party Another Europe Is Possible National Union of Students Molly Scott Cato MEP

04 Oct 16

Speaking in the European Parliament Jean condemned the long history of French failure to deliver its obligations to refugees and asylum seekers, and the UK Government for aiding and abetting and dragging its heels to provide safety and security, even to children who are clearly entitled to be in the UK.

17 Sep 16

Speaking at the Refugees Welcome demonstration in London, Jean says people do want to welcome refugees to the UK and that the government must take more action, especially for unaccompanied children.

14 Sep 16

Speaking at the European parliament in Strasbourg Jean emphasises the need for more inclusive growth, and an end to zero hours contracts and discrimination in the labour market.

16 Jun 16

Let’s celebrate free movement and make it work for Britain

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