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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

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16 Jun 15

The European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs Committee adopted Jean’s report on green employment today, Jean comments.

05 Jun 15

“We are told that TTIP will not affect public services, then reassure us and exclude them completely” Jean Lambert

04 Jun 15

Corporations increasingly use a mechanism to challenge public policies, it’s called ISDS (Investor- State Dispute Settlement)

06 Feb 15

Campaigners from Global Justice Now, War on Want, 38 Degrees, Unison North West, Friends of the Earth Europe, Corporate Europe Observatory, and Stop TTIP come to Brussels for Trojan Horse Protests of EU-US trade deal and to meet Green MEPs

12 Jan 15

On both sides of the Atlantic, corporations are working hard to make sure TTIP works in their interests, never mind individuals

28 Nov 14

“People shouldn’t be facing arbitrary accusation, they shouldn’t be in a situation where evidences are presented against them which they cannot hear and which they cannot contest. But we also have to realize that to argue for change is really literally putting your life on the line.”

07 Nov 14

Jean discusses her health priorities for the next 5 years: “the EU really needs to check what it’s doing and stop practices that damage health services – the Troika policies for example. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is also a threat.”

23 Jul 14

17 Jun 14

Jean spoke of rise of fascist parties across Europe – and how to combat them, through support for human rights, individual migrants and a sense of solidarity in campaigns for decent pay, defending benefits and housing provision – at a Unite Against Fascism conference on Saturday, June 14, 2014.

26 May 14

Jean was re-elected to serve a fourth term as London’s Green MEP on May 22, 2014. Here’s her speech after results were finally declared three days later!

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