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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

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15 Nov 17

Jean speaks to Parliament on the need for greater protection for asylum seekers as winter sets in

14 Sep 17

Jean speaking on the plight of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar to the European Parliament

12 Sep 17

Jean speaking on the Grenfell tragedy to the European Parliament in Strasbourg

29 Aug 17

Jean nominated Brexpats for the European Citizen’s Prize 2017, in recognition of their work to protect the rights of UK nationals living elsewhere in the EU27. As they were presented with the award in a ceremony at The Hague, she sent this important message.

23 Jun 17

Jean defending whistleblowers on World Whistleblowers Day

22 May 17

Jean and fellow Green MEP Molly Scott Cato discuss free movement

02 Mar 17

Jean speaking in the European Parliament and calling on the EU to protect migrant children.

Jean’s speech in the European Parliament to Commissioner Jourova, calling for the rights of EU nationals in the Uk and British nationals in EU countries to be guaranteed.

17 Jan 17

12 Jan 17

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JeanJean Lambert MEP


RT @EIonaSt: ALERT British living in Belgium 🇧🇪🇬🇧 As of last week, the BE Gov has updated advice RE driving license. Previously they wouldn…

13:06, Saturday 19 Jan

JeanJean Lambert MEP


So nothing to do with his Party's failures to implement existing laws, inaction on zero-hours contracts, failure to……

16:04, Friday 18 Jan

JeanJean Lambert MEP


RT @carryonkeith: Another gem doing the rounds is that the UK would be fine trading on WTO terms as 'that is how most of the world trades'.…

22:48, Thursday 17 Jan

JeanJean Lambert MEP


RT @EuropeStreet: German parliament passes #Brexit law allowing UK & German citizens to keep dual nationality if they apply for naturalisat…

22:20, Thursday 17 Jan

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