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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

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23 Jul 14

17 Jun 14

Jean spoke of rise of fascist parties across Europe – and how to combat them, through support for human rights, individual migrants and a sense of solidarity in campaigns for decent pay, defending benefits and housing provision – at a Unite Against Fascism conference on Saturday, June 14, 2014.

26 May 14

Jean was re-elected to serve a fourth term as London’s Green MEP on May 22, 2014. Here’s her speech after results were finally declared three days later!

24 Apr 14

“In the Parliament I Chair the Delegation for relations with six countries of South Asia: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan and Nepal. And there we work with parliamentarians in some of the very new democracies to help in the development of democracy, on issues of human rights, trading relationshiops and of course climate change – because some of these countries are amongst the worst affected in the world.”

31 Mar 14

A discussion following the debate on investing in social services, March 2013.

28 Mar 14

Jean discusses the need to broaden the debate on the economy from narrow GDP growth indicators and and the Green Party’s ‘one planet economics’.

28 Feb 14

Jean discusses a project providing education for street and working children in Bangladesh, South Asia.

21 Jun 13

On Thursday 21st June, 2013, Jean co-hosted the launch of a seminal report on undocumented women, from PICUM..“Whether you are a supporter of border controls or not, the failure of the current system in so many places becomes absolutely crystal clear,” Jean said,
“Part of the challenge is how to prevent people from becoming undocumented, there are things in the legislation we can improve, things in the practice we can improve”.

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