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"Refugees and the Environment: The forgotten element of sustainability"

Jean launches her new report which draws attention to the high level of migration resulting from deteriorating environmental conditions around the world, and points out that many so-called 'economic migrants' are in fact environmental refugees. Click here to download the report

Jean's work on the Environment

As a Green MEP, Jean is naturally concerned with environmental issues and their linkage to a whole range of policy areas. Through her work in the European Parliament and in London, Jean aims to ensure that the environment and sustainability are taken into account across the board, and that they are given a high priority in policy decisions.

Jean is not a member of the Parliament's Environment Committee but she works on environmental issues through her membership of other Committees and activities in London. The information below shows how Jean introduces environmental concerns into the work of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee under the sustainability umbrella - for example, looking at the links between social inclusion, employment and the environment. Sitting on the Petitions Committee brings her into contact with the environment-related complaints of European citizens such as non-implementation by member states of the environmental impact assessment directives. She has also worked on issues around citizens' access to environmental information in planning procedures.

Since January 2002 Jean has been a Vice-President of the Green Group in the European Parliament. This has provided Jean with a perfect opportunity not only to ensure that the Green Group can be more vigorous in their pursuit of Green politics, but it also adds greater weight to the litany of issues that she continues to campaign on.

A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY: High on Jean's agenda is the creation of a sustainable society, encompassing the economic, the environmental and the social. True sustainability cannot deal with these concerns separately - integrated policy-making is required. For a better idea of Jean's vision of a sustainable society, see the links below and the Sustainability page.

- Coming up: research commissioned by Jean on "Integrating Social Inclusion, Employment and the Environment: Exploring the potential for joined-up thinking"

- Jean's contribution to a European Parliament debate on sustainability, May 2001

- Jean's speeches on sustainability to the Parliament, March and April 2001

- Jean drafted an Opinion on behalf of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee on the Environment and sustainable development, April 2001


- Find out how EU environmental legislation is made

- Jean's response to the Government's planning green paper (March 2002)

- Article on EU Waste Policy


OTHER ISSUES: See below for a list of Jean's articles, speeches and actions on the environment and related issues.

The Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy Committee

The Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy Committee of the European Parliament is responsible for environmental policy and environmental protection measures, public health and consumer policy.

For more information on the Committee's activitities and a summary of its last meetings, click here.

Articles, Speeches, Parliamentary reports, Press Releases....


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April 2003

Jean's speech on Global Warming to the "End of the World" Climate Change rally in London

February 2003

Crystal Palace Campaingers condemn UK Government in the European Parliament

Crystal Palace 1 - Developers 0

Maylands Development in Havering 'may breach government rules' - Jean Lambert MEP calls on

Secretary of State to intervene

December 2002

Green Group 'Natura 2000'-conference on Nature Conservation

October 2002

Cyprus protests ignored as work starts on spy mast

September 2002

Aircraft 'noise tax' wins European backing

Green Party condemns UK government bid to build Telecom mast in Cyprus

London Green's Cyprus campaign wins national backing

London Green Party Federation rejects Mayor's Plan

Article for Recycling World on EU Waste Policy

The Green Group and the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg

July 2002

GMOs: traceability and labelling - download the Green Group Briefing

March 2002

Jean's response to the Government's planning green paper

December 2001

Stop Esso Day! Jean Lambert pickets Esso Stations

October 2001

Jean's speech on Environmental Refugees to WUS

September 2001

Report on "Public Participation in Environmental Planning"
- Jean's opinion adopted

Jean's speech to the Plaid Cymru Conference

July 2001

Goethenburg Common Resolution: Jean explains why she abstained

May 2001

Jean's speech on the "Sustainability Debate" in Parliament

April 2001

Jean was the draftsperson for a Parliamentary Opinion on a strategy for a future chemicals policy: Sustainability must come first

March 2001

Jean spoke about the problem of Depleted Uranium at a conference in the UK. Depleted Uranium has become an important issue and Jean has spoken on the topic on a number of occasions.

Parliament's debate on nuclear waste transport was also linked to the question of such transport through London and Jean was pleased to support Camden Green Party's action on this.

January 2001

"The Floods" - Jean's Statement to Parliament

Genetically Modified Organisms: vote on Bowe Report

November 2000

Jean's speech on Climate Change

November 1999

Letter to the European Parliament - "Environment and Macro Economics"